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If you've received an email or in-product message saying that your client's MYOB Essentials business will be soon upgraded, you should work with them to check for and complete any saved bank reconciliations.

This is because only completed bank recs will be migrated during the upgrade.

In MYOB Essentials there's the option to select transactions for reconciliation and save those selections. However, these saved recs won't be migrated during the upgrade if they're not completed, meaning your client will need to re-check and reselect transactions in their upgraded software.

Here's how to work out if there are bank recs your client needs to complete:

Check transaction processing

Check Transaction processing to see how many transactions remain to be allocated and reconciled.

  1. Go to and click Transaction processing in the top menu bar.
  2. Check the coding status of the business to be upgraded. Note the following about the coding indicators:
    • Black - This indicates there are transactions that have not yet been coded in this calendar month for all or some of your client's bank or credit card accounts. We recommend that you code these transactions to get them ready for reconciliation.

    • Green - This indicates that you have coded all of the bank and credit card transactions but not all of the bank or credit card account transactions have been reconciled yet for that calendar month. We recommend that your client completes as much of their bank reconciliation as possible prior to migration in line with your established processes and agreements with your client.
    • Blue - All transactions have been reconciled for your client's bank and credit card accounts for that calendar month.

Even if all transactions have been reconciled, you'll still see a green indicator until the end of the month – confirm with your client that reconciliation is complete.

Complete the reconciliation

If your client has a saved reconciliation, advise them to complete as much of it as they can before the upgrade. They just need to follow the steps as they normally would in MYOB Essentials to reconcile with bank feeds or reconcile using a bank or credit card statement, ensuring that they click Complete reconciliation after selecting all transactions.

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