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Do you need to do this task?

You only need to do this if you’ve linked your bank or credit card account to MYOB Essentials with a bank feed, or if you manually import your bank and credit card statements. If you use paper statements, see Reconciling with a paper bank or credit card statement.

Reconciling can be a bore but we try to make it easy for you. Any transactions matched to a bank feed or imported bank statement will be automatically reconciled for you. If a transaction has been auto-reconciled incorrectly, just unmatch it (click the X in the Allocate or match column on the Bank transactions page).

You might have some transactions that haven’t been reconciled before you started using bank feeds or importing your statements.


To reconcile unmatched MYOB Essentials transactions

To reconcile unmatched MYOB Essentials transactions 

  1. First, make sure you’ve allocated or matched all your bank transactions (see Working with bank transactions).
  2. From the Banking menu, choose Bank reconciliation. The Bank reconciliation page appears.
  3. From the For account field, select the account that you want to reconcile transactions for.
    All MYOB Essentials transactions for this account that haven’t been reconciled, allocated or matched to bank transactions appear in the list. If you want to view all transactions, including those that have been allocated or matched, click Show reconciled.
  4. Select each MYOB Essentials transaction you want to reconcile by clicking in the checkbox next to it. If you have matched or allocated all your transactions you don't need to select any transactions.

    Only reconcile an MYOB Essentials transaction if you’re sure that a matching bank transaction can’t be imported from your bank.

  5. Click Complete reconciliation to reconcile, or Save if you want to return to the page and finish reconciling later.


How do I unreconcile a transaction?

How do I unreconcile a transaction?

If the transaction was auto-reconciled via bank feeds or an imported bank statement, you'll need to unmatch the transaction. If the transaction was manually reconciled, you'll need to undo the reconciliation it belongs to.

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