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When you add a desktop file's details to MYOB Practice, you can send a request to your client to upload their file for you.

If your client is taking a while to upload their AccountRight classic file, give them a gentle reminder by emailing them again.

You'll only be able to send your client a reminder if the status of an AccountRight upgrade is Awaiting file
To send a reminder
  1. Click Desktop files on the Transaction processing page.

  2. Click next to the business for which you want to send your client an email reminder and select Resend email.
    The Resend email dialog displays.

  3. Enter your client's First name, Last name and Email address.

  4. Deselect the Send me a copy of this email checkbox if you don't want to receive a copy of the email.

  5. Edit the Message to your client, if you want to change the default message.

  6. Click Send now.