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What is "the cloud" and how do I work there with AccountRight? Take a look...

All you need is:

  • the current version of AccountRight installed on each computer that will access the online company file. You can’t access online company files using an internet browser. Learn more about installing AccountRight.
  • an AccountRight subscription for each company file you create or upload. To purchase a subscription, visit our website.

If you purchased AccountRight online or registered a POSA (point-of-sale activation) card, you'll already have an online company file, and you’re ready to work online.

If your company file isn’t online yet, here are your next steps:

1. Put your file online

Upload your company file, or if you don’t have a company file to upload, create a file and make it available online.

2. Invite others

Invite your accountant or bookkeeper or other business colleagues to work on your file from their own computer, wherever they are. Once they accept your invitation, all they need to do is download and install AccountRight onto their PC.

3. Work smarter

Now you can take advantage of AccountRight online services that make it easier for you to keep your books up to date, work mobile, and meet your compliance requirements.

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