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AccountRight Premier 2019.2 and later

If you store inventory at multiple locations, you can keep track of item quantities held at each location by recording the:

When you create one or more locations, a Location field is added to the Purchases and Sales windows. When you record an item purchase or sale, you can type or select the receiving or selling location for the item in this field.

You can also select a default receiving and selling location for an item in the Item Information window (Locations tab) for each item.

A Primary Location is automatically created in your company file. When you set up multiple locations, your existing stock is assigned to this location. You can change the primary location ID and name, if you want, but you cannot delete it. For instructions on how to move items from the primary location to another location, see Move items between locations.

To create inventory locations
  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Locations. The Locations List window appears.
  2. Click New. The Location Information window appears.
  3. In the Location ID field, type an identifier (of up to ten characters) for the new location and press TAB.
  4. Enter the Name and Address of the location and contact details.
  5. If you do not receive items at or sell items from this location (for example, this location is your storage warehouse), select Items cannot be sold or shipped from this location.
    If you select this option, you can only move items to and from this location by using the move items feature.
  6. Click OK. The new location appears in the Locations List window
  7. Click Close.


Can you delete a location?

Can you delete a location?

You can't delete the Primary Location or any location you've created that has been used in a transaction. You can delete a location that hasn't been used in a transaction.

If you no longer require a location, but you can't delete it, mark it as Inactive. The location will no longer appear in selection lists. 

Which reports show location information?

Which reports show location information?

There are three reports that show location information:

  • Items List (Summary)
  • Analyse Inventory (Summary)
  • Analyse Inventory (Detail)  

For more details, see Inventory reports.