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We've partnered with a number of large suppliers (see the list below) so that you can have their invoices sent automatically to your In tray.

This means you:

  • save time on data entry - you can create a bill from these suppliers, with pre-filled data, right from the In tray

  • have a proof of purchase document against transactions - important for compliance and communications with suppliers

  • save on paper clutter and searching your email inbox for documents - these are now stored securely online and easy to access.

All of this helps you to build more efficient relationships with your suppliers.

How it works

Just link your supplier account (for example, Officeworks) with your existing MYOB Essentials business file.

Get started by selecting your supplier.

Here's a quick overview of how it works:


Supplier list

This is our current list of suppliers. Click your supplier for information on how to get their invoices sent directly to your MYOB Essentials. Stay tuned for more supplier partnerships in the future!

Australia onlyNew Zealand onlyAustralia & New Zealand




Supplier not listed?

We'll be adding more suppliers soon. In the meantime, your suppliers can email their bills straight to your In tray.