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After you begin using MYOB Essentials, you should create a user for each staff member who needs to sign in to your MYOB Essentials business.

All users will be able to access MYOB Essentials at the same time, and there's no limit to how many users you can create.

Let's step you through it.


You must be an administrator to do this task

Only users with administrator access can create and modify users.

To create a user

To create a user 

  1. In MYOB Essentials, click your business name and choose Users.
    settings menu with users highlighted
    The Users page appears, with a list of all the users for your MYOB Essentials business.
  2. Click Invite a user. The Invite a user section of the page appears.
  3. Enter the user’s First nameLast name, Privilege and Email address.

    For more information on the different user privileges, see Users.

  4. When you’ve entered all the necessary details, click Send invitation.
    The invitee’s details are added to the list on the Users page, with the status of Invited.
    An email is sent to the invitee giving them the option to:
    • accept the invitation by creating a new user login,
    • accept the invitation by using an existing user login, or
    • decline the invitation.
  5. If you want to set up more users, repeat from step 2.
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