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Key points in this topic
  • If a customer pays you too much, even via a bank feed or imported statement, record the whole payment in MYOB Essentials
  • If a customer has paid an invoice twice, create a customer return for the second payment
  • When an overpayment is recorded, a customer credit is created for the overpaid amount
  • Credits can be refunded or applied to other open invoices (ask the customer their preferred option)


To process an overpayment
  1. From the Sales menu, choose Take payments.
  2. Select the customer in the From field and choose the Into account.
  3. Enter the total amount of the payment (including the overpayment) in the Payment amount field.

    If a customer has no open invoices

    Create a customer return for the overpaid amount, then either refund the payment, or hold onto the credit to apply to a future invoice.

  4. Ensure all other details of the payment are entered. See Customer payments for more information.
  5. Click Save when you're finished.
    You'll receive a message confirming that an invoice has been overpaid, and that you can process the return.
    Message confirming payment amount exceeds amount due
  6. Click OK.
  7. If the overpayment came through in a bank feed, match the overpayment amount in the bank feed to the payment you created above.
  8. Process the customer return (Sales menu > Process customer returns) and choose whether you want to apply the overpaid amount to an invoice or refund the customer. You can also hold onto the credit to apply to a future invoice.
    Need more details? See processing customer returns.
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