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New Zealand only

Once your business has set up payday filing, you can delegate access to other staff in myIR. This way they can also submit information to Inland Revenue while processing a pay run.

To delegate access

When you set up payday filing, a new account called Payroll returns was created. This account shows up in your My business section in myIR (the first screen you see after logging in). You'll need to delegate your staff access to this account before they can submit payroll information to Inland Revenue.

Don't have the Payroll returns account in myIR?

If you set up payday filing before 1 April, you'll need to process a pay run for the Payroll returns account to be created.

Inland Revenue have instructions on how to delegate access in myIR - take a look: Give access to your payroll account in myIR. If you need help accessing or using myIR, contact IR for help.

What's next?

Your staff member now needs to Authorise MYOB for payday filing as a delegated user.