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New Zealand only 

Before you can submit employment information to Inland Revenue for payday filing, you'll need to get set up. Setting up only takes a few minutes (we kid you not). All you need to know is your business's IRD number and your myIR login. So let's get started! 

What if I've recorded pays before setting up?

You’ll need to get that information to IR. You can do this by either deleting the pay then reprocessing it (after setting up payday filing), or manually entering the pay run information into myIR.

Before you start setting up

If you're new to MYOB Essentials, there are a few things you'll need to check before you start setting up payday filing.

Who can set up payday filing?

The owner of the business's myIR account (this could be the business owner) should set up payday filing for the business. You can delegate someone to set up on your behalf – see Delegate others to submit payday filing.

The person who has been uploading files for payroll via ir-File could also set up payday filing for the business.

Once the business is set up, each person submitting employment information to Inland Revenue must authorise MYOB to submit on their behalf.

Set up payday filing

Start the process via the Payroll menu by clicking Payday filing. Here's a breakdown of the steps:


1. Overview

2. Confirm IRD number

3. Authorise MYOB

You'll need

Make sure that the owner of the business's myIR account is setting up (or a delegated staff member).Confirm we've got the correct IRD number for the business. You can change it from here if needed.You need to authorise MYOB Essentials to send payroll information to Inland Revenue on your behalf.

To get started

Task 2 - Confirm IRD number for payday filingTask 3 - Authorise MYOB for payday filing

What happens after I've set up payday filing?

After you've gone through the set up steps, you're good to go. Each time you process a pay, you’ll send your employment information directly from MYOB Essentials to Inland Revenue. Learn more about Payday filing statuses.

Need to reconnect to payday filing? There might be times after you've authorised MYOB for payday filing that you'll need to reconnect. Find out how...