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You can delete an item from MYOB Essentials if it hasn't been used in a transaction. When an item is deleted, it's completely removed along with all its details.

Instead of deleting an item, how about deactivating the item instead? This removes the item from reports and some selection lists.

But if you really need to delete an item, here's how.


To delete an item

To delete an item

  1. From the Sales menu, choose Items. The Items page appears listing all your active items.
  2. Click the item you want to delete. The Item page appears, showing the item details.
  3. Click Delete. A confirmation message appears. If the Delete button is inactive it means the item has been used in a transaction and can't be deleted.
  4. Click OK to delete the item.

Find sales containing an item

If you can't delete an item because it's been used in a transaction, run the Sales by item report to find the sales containing that item. You'll find this report via the Reports menu > All reports > Sales by item.

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