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Items are all goods and services that your business may buy, sell, hire, lease or otherwise offer for payment. Items include services that your business wants to include on invoices, such as shipping or handling.

Although MYOB Essentials can't manage your inventory like other more advanced programs (like MYOB AccountRight), you can still set up items to include in your sales and purchases.

You can set up two different types of items:

  • Stock items—items that you buy and/or sell, and which are measured in quantities.
  • Service items—items that you sell, and which are measured in hours.

Before you can create invoices to send to your customers, or record purchases, you should enter the individual items into MYOB Essentials. If you already have your items in another program, you can import them into MYOB Essentials.

Or, you can add items as you’re creating invoices or purchases. For more information see To create an invoice and To create a bill.

You can access the Items page by going to either the Sales or Purchases menu and choosing View items. On the Items page, you can view, create, edit and delete items (and make them inactive).

For more information, see: