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You can edit bills from the Bills page, accessible from the Purchases menu.

If a bill has been paid in full, you'll first need to delete the payment before the bill can be edited.


To edit a bill

To edit a bill

  1. From the Purchases menu, choose Bills.
  2. In the bills list, find the bill you want to edit and double-click it. The Bill page appears, showing the bill details.
  3. Make any changes to the bill.
  4. Click Save. The Bills page reappears.

Need to change a supplier's details?

See Adding, editing and deleting customers and suppliers. After updating a supplier's details, to see the changes reflected on an existing bill (such as a change of address), open the bill and click Save. The updated address will now show.


How do I add or remove lines in a bill?

How do I add or remove lines in a bill?

To add a line, click into an existing line then click the plus icon on the left.

To remove a line, click the delete icon at the right hand end of the line to be removed.