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MYOB Essentials, Australia only


You can't resend, delete, or undo rejected reports.

The Rejected status will remain for the report, but once you've fixed the issue, updated payroll information is sent to the ATO on the following pay run.

Error codeProblemResolution
SBR.GEN.AUTH.006You haven't notified the ATO you're using MYOB for payroll reporting.

Single Touch Payroll error SBR.GEN.AUTH.006


You'll get this error if you've notified the ATO of the wrong Software ID.

Get your Software ID and notify the ATO:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu > Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click the ATO settings tab.
  3. Note down your Software ID.
  4. Notify the ATO you're using MYOB for payroll reporting by either:
    • phoning the ATO on 1300 852 232, or
    • using Access Manager to notify the ATO of a hosted SBR software service.
  5. Once the error is fixed, the latest payroll information will be sent to the ATO when you report your next pay run to the ATO.

If the issue persists, get in touch with our support team.

CMN.ATO.AUTH.007The ATO and MYOB data don’t match.Single Touch Payroll error CMN.ATO.AUTH.007
CMN.ATO.AUTH.008You're not authorised to submit this lodgment on behalf of this client.

If you're a tax agent, use your registered agent number and try to lodge again.

If you're a business sending on behalf of another business, get an Authorisation administrator to make sure there's a business appointment in Access Manager and provide your credentials if required.

If the client is on your client list and is not a restricted client, you may need to remove them from the list, then re-add them before you try to lodge again.

You also need to make sure your agent number is linked to the correct agent ABN in Access Manager.

CMN.ATO.AUTH.011Tax or BAS agents only. The client you reported is not associated with the Agent ABN or Registered Agent Number you supplied when you set up STP.You'll need to update your STP details.
CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.EM92168The update is referring to a previous year where STP reporting did not occur.You're trying to do an update event for a previous payroll year where there are no reported amounts to update. You'll need to prepare a payment summary for these employees. This could happen if the employee hasn't been paid since setting up STP and you're now in a new financial year.
The date entered for the pay update date must not be later than today's date


Check your payroll dates to make sure they are not future dated.

Getting a different error? Errors like these are generated by the ATO, so check the ATO website for more details.


To view errors

To view errors

  1. Go to Payroll > Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click the ellipses button and choose View report detail.
  3. Use the table above to troubleshoot the issue. If you can't find the error, check the error list on the ATO website or contact our support team.
  4. Once the error is fixed the details will be sent when you process your next pay run.


What information is sent to the ATO?

What information is sent to the ATO?

When you record and submit a pay run (even if it's a zero-dollar pay run), only your employees' year to date figures are sent to the ATO. Take a look at this quick video to learn more.

Also check this ATO information about viewing your reports for Single Touch Payroll .

Can I fix or delete a report that's been sent to the ATO?

Can I fix or delete a report that's been sent to the ATO?

No. You can't delete or "undo" a report that's been sent to the ATO. Instead, the next time you record a pay and submit it to the ATO, the latest year-to-date totals will be submitted.

This means if you've reported a wrong amount to the ATO, delete the incorrect pay, record it again and submit it to the ATO.

Take a look at this quick video to learn more.

What if I need to send updated information to the ATO after the last pay for the year?

What if I need to send updated information to the ATO after the last pay for the year?

If there's no more pays left to process for the payroll year, you can record a $0 (zero dollar) pay any employee whose information has changed.

Remove all hours and amounts from the pay. When the $0 pay is recorded, you'll be prompted to declare and send the details to the ATO. The employee YTD amounts are then sent to the ATO.