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After you’ve completed your month-end tasks, you should lock that period. This will prevent anyone from inadvertently creating, editing or deleting transactions in a period in which you don’t want transactions to be modified.

For more information about month-end tasks, see Month-end tasks.


To lock periods

To lock periods

  1. On the Settings menu, click Business details.
    Settings menu with business details highlighted
    The Business Details window appears.
  2. Select the Lock my data up to and including option.
  3. In the box below, select a date.
    Lock my data option selected with date entered
    This places a temporary lock on the period up to and including the date you selected. If you need to create, edit or delete a transaction in a locked period at a later time—for example, you locked the period from March 2018 and now want to create a transaction in February 2018—you can unlock the period by deselecting the Lock my data up to and including option.
  4. Click Save.

    To unlock a period, deselect the Lock my data up to and including option and click Save.

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