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Looking to migrate?

You can now migrate from MYOB BankLink to MYOB Essentials and continue to enjoy the benefits of the BankLink DNA including the best bank feeds.

MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger is great for trusts, shoebox clients, and those using Excel. Or, if you have clients who require invoicing or integrated payroll, you can migrate straight to MYOB Essentials Accounting Starter or MYOB Essentials Accounting with Payroll.

The MYOB Essentials range provides a seamless way to experience the benefits of the best bank feeds, while also allowing you to add additional features if, and when, your client requires them.

What's involved


Who would be suitable for MYOB Essentials?

MYOB Essentials is an online accounting solution that works effectively for you and your clients. It may not suit every client or your practice, especially if the requirements are complex. Before you migrate any clients, it's important to check with your Partner Manager to determine suitability. Call 1300 555 117.

Ready to migrate?

All you need to do is speak to your Partner Manager and send across the BankLink client files that you wish to migrate. We'll take care of the rest. If you have any questions along the way, talk to your Partner Manager.