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MYOB Partners only

If you've received an email or in-product message that your client's MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger file will be upgraded soon, here's some things you should do before the upgrade to help make it go smoothly.

Complete bank reconciliation

Check the bank reconciliation for any saved bank recs and complete them.

(Important) Review user access

  • Check users. We aim to bring all users who have been invited to the file across in the upgrade. If we find discrepancies in user lists across different systems, or we see a potential issue where users are across multiple practices, we may need to remove those users from the file on upgrade. Therefore, we encourage you to review your contacts and clean up any old users to minimise disruption – see Users (Partner Dashboard).
  • Control access to restricted files. If you have restricted client files, you should control access to restricted clients before upgrade.

What happens after the upgrade?

When you open the new MYOB Essentials it will look similar to the old MYOB Essentials, but there's a lot that's new to learn. So, when you open the new MYOB Essentials we'll step you through the changes.

There will also be help topics and other support to help you get used to the new product.

For more information on the upgrade of MYOB Essentials: