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A serial number is a unique 12-digit ID that identifies your software. MYOB provides you with a serial number when you subscribe or trial MYOB Essentials. You need it when contacting MYOB customer support.

To see your serial number, sign in to MYOB Essentials and click your business name. You can see your serial number at the bottom of the window.

Other places you can find your serial number

If'll find your serial number...
purchased a point-of-sale activation (POSA) card or voucher from a retail store

in the email we send you (after redeeming your redemption code at

Redemption codes are not the same as a serial number and have a different format (15 characters with a mix of letters and numbers, instead of a serial number's 12 digits).

purchased MYOB Essentials from the MYOB websitein the email confirming your purchase
created a trial version of MYOB Essentialsin the email confirming your trial

Have any questions about your serial number?

Contact us and our support team will be happy to help.