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To enter receipts
  1. Select Debtors Receipt from the  menu. The Debtors Ledger opens in Receipt mode.

    The Company and Bank Account details will default automatically.
  2. Select the Source of the payment.
  3. Select the Client by either typing in the client name or code or select the magnifying glass to search for the client.
  4. Enter the Date of the receipt by entering or selecting a date from the drop-down calendar.
  5. Enter a Receipt Number. It is recommended you enter the original bill number to assist with sorting ledger data and reporting.
  6. Enter a Description if required.
  7. Enter the Amount of the payment received from the client.
  8. Allocate the receipt against the necessary invoices by entering the amount in the Allocate column.

    If the receipt is being allocated to a single invoice, double-click in the Allocate column for that invoice to enter the amount automatically.

  9. Click Post. A Posting confirmation message is displayed.
  10. Click Yes. The receipt is allocated against the bill(s) and saved. The Debtors Ledger is cleared so you can enter another receipt against another client.


If you offer an early payment discount to the client, you may enter the Discount Amount in the Discount column when allocating the receipt. MYOB AO will treat this discount as an adjustment with a type called Discount.

There is no discount note to print.

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