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Working with Tax Manager (NZ)

Tax Manager provides you an interactive way to manage your client’s tax information on the screen. The main screens and functions you will use in Tax Manager are:

Find Tax Clients page

This page lists all your tax clients in a table. You can sort, group, filter and search the list of clients to find clients you are interested in. This replaces the traditional reporting functions on AO Classic.

Client page Tax tab

This tab allows you to view and set each client’s tax details and settings.

Tax Manager window

This window opens to show you the tax details for a client. There are several views and tools you can use:

Summary viewShows an overview of alerts, return summary, provisional tax, losses. Assessments are reconciled from this view.
Transactions viewShows all transactions recorded in Tax Manager including assessments.
IRD statement viewShows the transactions downloaded from the IRD for this client.
Reconciliation viewShows the reconciliation of Tax Manager and IRD transactions (excluding assessments and interest).
Tax Notice details viewShows the details of the selected tax notice.
Provisional tax calculatorAllows you to calculate your client’s provisional tax amounts using the standard and estimation calculation methods. Voluntary amounts can be added.
Interest calculatorAllows you to quickly calculate and compare your client’s use of money interest for a given year.
Student loan interim calculatorAllows you to quickly calculate and compare your client’s repayment obligation for a given year.

Tax Notices page

This page lists all tax notices for all tax clients for a selected month. You can then process your tax notices from this page, for example you can:

  • change the status of a group of tax notices. For example you can select all the tax notices with a nil amount and mark them as Not required so you do not print them

  • identify any tax notices that have an alert that needs to be resolved before you print the tax notices

  • access the tax notice details for a client

  • preview and print a batch of tax notices.

Filing Statistics page

This page helps you monitor the filing statistics for your practice.

Missed Payments page

This page provides a list of all the clients in your practice who have missed their payments within a specified date range

IRD Data page

This page lets you see the data that is downloaded from the IRD during your scheduled downloads. You can switch between displaying unreconciled transactions, all downloaded transactions for a particular date, or deferred transactions.