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If you're the business owner, and want to give someone else access to the super portal (for example, a business advisor or the payroll officer), you need to set them up as a user of the portal.

What you can see and edit in the User Maintenance section depends on the user role you've been assigned in the super portal. An administrator can access all details.

  1. Click the navigation button and select Maintain Users.
  2. Click Add User
  3. In the User Account section, give the user a unique ID. This is the ID the user will log in to the portal with.

    The user ID must be unique, that is, it can't be an ID that's already been used by any business that has signed up to MYOB's super portal.

  4. Enter a password for the user. This is a temporary password, and you will need to let them know what it is. The user will be prompted to change the password the first time they log in to the super portal.
  5. Enter the user's details:

    1. Enter the user's first name and last name.

    2. Select the role you want to give this user:

      With this role:The user can:
      Employer Admin

      Upload and submit contribution files, and set up users.

      Employer Authoriser

      Upload and submit contribution files. 

      They can't set up users.

      Employer Creator

      Upload and save contribution files. 

      They can't submit contributions or set up users.

  6. Click Next. Enter the user's email address, phone number and mobile number in the Contact Details section.

  7. Click Next. You don’t need to do anything in the User Access section.

    Don't remove the user from the User Group that's set up by default for them. If the user group association is removed, you won't be able to manage the user. You'll need to contact MYOB to have this corrected.

  8. Click Next. There’s nothing you can change in the Employer Access section.

  9. Click Next. In the Preferences section you can choose to automatically list:

    • the employer name when viewing the Employer Maintenance page. You should select this if there’s only one employer linked to the portal. If this option isn’t selected you’ll need to click Search each time you visit the Employer Maintenance page. 

    • all users who are set up in the portal when viewing the User Maintenance page. You should choose this option if you only have a few users set up in the portal.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Inform the new user of the user ID and password you've created for them.
    When they access the super portal via their MYOB software, they'll be prompted to change the password the first time they log in.


How do I edit an existing user?
  1. Click the navigation button and select Maintain Employers.
    dropdown options
  2. In the left panel, click User Maintenance.
  3. Click Search.

    If you selected the Show all users option in your User Preferences (go to the Preferences view of the User Maintenance page), you don't need to click Search as the user names will automatically appear here.

  4. In the list that appears, click the user you want to edit.
  5. Make the changes that are required.
What do I do if a user forgets their password?

If you forget your password, click Forgot password on the login screen. You will be emailed a temporary password, and will be prompted to change it the next time you log in to the super portal.

login screen with forgot password link highlighted

How can I stop a user from accessing the super portal?

The User Account section of the User Maintenance page shows you the user's account status. If they are active, but you want to suspend their access to the super portal, click Deactivate User. If you want to make them active again, click Activate User.

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