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MYOB Essentials, Australia only. (If you're using the new AccountRight or MYOB Business, use the Pay Super service instead.)

Get the most out of your subscription by using MYOB’s super portal to make contributions and easily meet your employee super obligations. And it's included with your MYOB subscription.


Are you switching from M-Powered Superannuation?

Make sure you're using AccountRight v19.11.2 or later. To update, go to the Help menu > Updates > Check for updates, or download the latest version by signing into

Compare M-Powered Superannuation to how the super portal works.


M-Powered Superannuation

MYOB's super portal 

SuperStream compliantNoYes


A fee, charged quarterly, applied for each employee that you made super payments for. 

This service is included in your AccountRight subscription, no additional fees apply. 

Journal entries 

A transaction is recorded when you process the super payments. 

A transaction is recorded when you save the super contribution file. 


Payments are authorised in AccountRight 

Payments are authorised in the super portal, by any user who has the Employer Authoriser or Employer Admin role. 

Adding/removing users 

Need to complete a Change of Details form and send back to MYOB to add or remove users. 

Users who have the Employer Admin role in the super portal can add, remove and edit other users online, using the super portal.  See Add users.

SMSF support 



Check status of payments 

Use AccountRight's M-Powered Service Centre to check payment status. 

Use the payment reports in the super portal website to track payment status. See Reporting.

Sending payments 

Use M-Powered Service Centre to send the payment. 

Payments are sent when the super contribution file has been submitted and validated in the super portal. 


Fully integrated 

You create a super file in AccountRight and submit it for processing using the super portal website. 

Payment limit 

You need to specify a maximum payment limit 

You can't specify a payment limit. 

Ready to go? Here's how it works:

  1. Set up the super portal:

    1. Sign up to use MYOB's super portal.
    2. Give your payroll officer or business advisor access to the super portal.
  2. Check your MYOB software setup: 

    1. Install a compatible version of your MYOB software.

    2. Review your company, employee and fund details.

  3. Process your payroll using your MYOB software and create a super contribution file. See your software help for instructions:

  4. Process your super payments using the super portal:

    1. Upload the super contribution file to MYOB's super portal.
    2. Review the contribution details, fix any issues that are found, and supply information that's missing.
    3. Submit the contributions, and the amount will be deducted from your nominated bank account.