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There are two ways you can use two-factor authentication (2FA), either by authenticator app (recommended) or by email. By default you'll be set up for email 2FA, but it's easy to switch to an authenticator app, which is an app you can easily install on your phone to generate verification codes.

Which 2FA method is best for you depends on what devices you use, and how you access your account. See below for a comparison between app and email 2FA.

If you're an accountant or a bookkeeper, you might have some specific questions - if you don't find the answers here, you might find them in two-factor authentication for accountants and bookkeepers.


Requirement App


Most secure


Backup codes


Shared logins


Use on mobile device

Use on computer


Use without internet access


Use an app (recommended)

Authenticator apps are the easiest and most secure 2FA method for most people.

An authenticator app is an app that you install on your phone or tablet which generates a secure authentication code which you'll need to sign in to your MYOB account. You don't need internet access to use an authenticator app, but you do access to the device each time you sign in.

On Android and Apple devices, use the Google Authenticator app. On a Windows device, use the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Don't want to use an authenticator app? Learn how to change your two-factor authentication method.

You can also download single use backup codes, in case you temporarily lose access to your device.

Use email

If you don't have a smartphone or other mobile device, email 2FA might be the best option for you. By default you'll be set up for email 2FA, so there's nothing you need to set up. If you've switched to app 2FA but want to go back to email 2FA, learn how to switch.

Email 2FA uses the email address you sign into your MYOB account. When you sign in you'll be emailed a code, which you'll use to gain access to your account. If you need to change your email address, see the Frequently Asked Questions in Getting help with two-factor authentication.

To use email 2FA, you'll always need internet access, and access to your email inbox each time you sign in. There are no backup codes for email 2FA, so if you lose access to your email account you'll need to contact us to recover your account.