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On the Content visibility page, you can choose which MYOB Atlas features you want to display on your website. For some features, you can also choose where they should be displayed: on your homepage, on a separate, dedicated page, or on both pages.

The table below shows where on your website you can display each feature.

FeatureHomepageSeparate pageAll pages
What we do, Contact information, Find us, Follow us, Opening hours, Links and Keep me updated
yesImage RemovedImage Added
Gallery and NewsyesImage RemovedImage AddedyesImage RemovedImage Added 
Downloads and Pay online yesImage RemovedImage Added 
Facebook Like and Google +1 buttons  yesImage RemovedImage Added
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titleTo set visibility options
  1. Click Content visibility in the Settings toolbar on the left of your homepage.
  2. Use the checkboxes in the Show column to choose which features you want to display on your website. If you deselect the checkbox for a feature, that feature will be hidden from your website.

  3. Use the drop-down lists in the Show on column to choose where the Gallery and News features should be displayed: on your homepage, on a separate, dedicated page, or on both pages.

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    Displaying features on a separate page

    When you choose to display a feature on a separate page, a link to the page will appear in the public menu on the left-hand side of your homepage.

    If the link doesn't appear in the public menu, it means that you haven't added any content for that feature yet. To begin, click Add pages on the public menu, select the feature (Gallery, News, Downloads or Pay online), and then start adding content for it.

  4. Once you're finished, click Save.
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titleCan I show any feature on a separate, dedicated page?

No, you can only show the Gallery, News, Downloads and Pay online features on a separate page.

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titleIf I hide a feature, will my existing content be deleted?

No. If you hide a feature, your existing content won't be deleted. That way, if you choose to show the feature again at a later date, your existing content will reappear.

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titleIf I hide a feature, will it leave a blank section on my homepage?

No. If you hide a feature on your homepage, the features below it will be moved up your homepage to take its place.

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