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  • Tracking super using the Superannuation tab instead of the Expenses tab (Australia only)

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




AccountRight Plus, Premier and Enterprise, Australia only

AccountRight tracks superannuation through Superannuation payroll categories. Older software versions tracked super using Expense payroll categories. So if you've upgraded from one of these older software versions, or if you've been tracking super using Expense categories, your superannuation amounts won't appear in superannuation reports, nor will you be able to pay your super contributions using the MYOB Super Portal.

To fix this, you'll need to transfer your paid super amounts to the superannuation payroll categories. Prior to doing this, you'll need to set up your superannuation categories as described in the AccountRight help.

To transfer superannuation paid using Expense categories

You can transfer the superannuation accrual from the old Employer Expense category to the new superannuation category by recording a "VOID" pay.

A void pay is one where all hours and amounts are zero except for the superannuation categories. The effect of processing this pay is to transfer the super accrual from one category to another.

In the example below, an employee had $250.00 worth of standard superannuation guarantee accrued under the old employer expense category. All ordinary pay categories have been put to zero, negative -$250.00 has been entered against the employer expense category and positive $250.00 entered against the new superannuation category.

See Checking and adjusting superannuation calculations (Australia only) for more information on recording void pays and adjusting superannuation.

Remove the expense category from your employees

Once you're tracking super using the Superannuation payroll categories and you've transferred the super payments as described above, you can remove the Expense category from your employees.

  1. Open the Expense category you were using to track super (Lists menu > Payroll Categories > Expenses > click the zoom arrow next to the applicable expense category).
  2. Click Employee.
  3. Deselect all employees.
  4. Click OK.


What about Salary Sacrifice and Employee Additional contributions?

Salary Sacrifice and/or Employee Additional Superannuation use Deduction payroll categories to track these amounts.

Once you have set up salary sacrifice superannuation, you would enter a positive figure against the old deduction category to "take the amount out" of the old deduction category and a negative figure against the new Salary Sacrifice category to "put the amount in" to the new correct category.