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  • Error: "DMError" when optimising




The following errors may occur when optimising your company file:

"DMError [-225:5116:0:0]. An error has occurred while trying to compact the file."

"DMError [-230:5116:0:0]. An error has occurred while trying to compact the file."

Errors like this mean either:

  • There are too many lock files for the process to be completed. For instructions on how to find and delete these files, see Locked company files.
  • The file is being optimised over a network. Make sure you optimise the company file on the same computer where the company file is stored. To check the location of the company file, go to the Accounts command centre and click Company Data Auditor. The Company File Overview window will be displayed which includes the location of your company file. 

If the error persists

If running MYOB on a network, make sure the company file is optimised locally (on the computer which hosts the company file). This is faster and more reliable than over a network.

  • Reboot the computer and try optimising again.
  • Copy the company file to another folder, for example to a new folder on your desktop, then try optimising again. If the optimisation is successful, re-name your original (un-optimised) company file, then move the optimised company file back to its original location.
  • The company file may be corrupted in which case you can restore your latest backup. For more information see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand).
  • Our Data File Repair Team can fix corrupt company files. See our website for more information on this service (Australia | New Zealand)