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  • Overriding the GST amount in BankLink Practice if the calculation method is set to 'Full' (Australia only)




BankLink Practice

In BankLink Practice the Business Activity Statement (BAS) can be prepared using either a Simple or Full method. The Full method is required if the BAS is going to be calculated within BankLink Practice.

To override the GST amount of a transaction when the calculation method is set to Full, you'll need to dissect the transaction. The GST value can then be changed in the dissection window.

To override the GST amount
  1. In BankLink Practice, click into the Account column of the transaction.
  2. Select either the Dissect option or the "/" shortcut key. The Dissection window opens.
  3. In the first line select the Chart of Account code that needs to have the GST value changed. 
  4. Check that the correct GST code is being used.  If this needs to be changed, click into the GST Code column and press F7 and choose the correct GST code.  
  5. Click into the Amount column and edit the amount of GST that this transaction needs to have and then press the * key on your keyboard. This will place the amount you entered into the GST Amount field and the balance will be placed into the Amount field. 

    Right-click to save time

    This can also be achieved by using the right-click menu options.  You can then enter the amount of the GST into the Amount column and then right-click.  Select the Amount option and choose Gross-up from GST Amount.

    Example:  The transaction total is $200.00 (including GST) however the GST component needs to be changed to show $20.00. By following the above instructions the software will place the $20.00 into the GST Amount column and place $180.00 into the Amount column.


  6. Click into the second line and select the same Chart of Account Code as the line above.
  7. In the Amount column press the = key. This will place a negative amount of the same value to balance the transaction.
  8. In the GST column, remove or edit the GST ID to ensure it's correct and accurate. 
  9. Exit the Dissection window. Your dissected transaction has been saved with your changes.