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  • Setting up PAYG Withholding in BankLink (Australia only)




BankLink Practice, Australia only

For PAYG Withholding to automatically populate in the Business Activity Statement (BAS), a rule needs to be added against W1 and W2 calculations.

To set up PAYG Withholding
  1. Open the client file in BankLink Practice.
  2. Click Other Functions > GST Setup > BAS Fields. You can add GST class and/or account code values to any of the fields to populate the BAS based on the coded bank transactions and journals.
  3. Click the required BAS field.
    • To enter the total of salary, wages and other payments against W1, click W1.

    • To enter the amounts withheld from salary, wages and other payments against W2, click W2.

  4. Click Add GST Class or Add Account.

    If addingDo this
    a GST ClassClick the GST Class drop down list and select the GST class you want to add to the BAS field.
    an Account CodeClick in the Account Code field and enter the account code you want to add to the BAS field.
  5. Click the Total Type drop down list and choose Gross, Net or Tax.
  6. Click in the Percentage field and type the required percentage.

    When adding a GST Class or Account Code for W2, change the Percentage value to -100.00%.

  7. Click OK. BankLink Practice adds the value to the BAS field.