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There are several reasons why you might be unable to sign in to your company file. Here are the most common:

Forgotten password

Forgotten password

If you recently created or upgraded the file, the password might be blank.

Forgotten your password? Get in touch with someone who has administrator access to the file. They can set a new password for you in the Setup menu > User Access window. See Changing and resetting user passwords for instructions.

No administrator access? Give us a call and we can reset the password for you. If your file is not online, you will need to send it to MYOB to have the password reset. Please note a fee applies for this service.

For information about the Password Recovery service and pricing, visit our website (Australia | New Zealand).

Don't have sign-in details

Don't have sign-in details

Your company file sign-in details consist of an ID and a password, for example:

User ID: John Parker
Password: xxxxxx

If someone set up the company file for you, they can give you the sign-in details to use. If you've been invited to an online company file, see Accept an invitation to work online.

If you created the file, try entering Administrator as the User ID and leave the Password field blank.

Can't sign in after upgrading from AccountRight v19? The Administrator of the file will need to reactivate company file users. See Complete your upgrade tasks.

Signing in using an email address

Signing in using an email address

The company file User ID is never an email address. Your company file User ID might be your first name, your full name, or a title, such as Administrator.

An email address is only used when signing into your MYOB account, like shown below.

You sign into your MYOB account when you want to:

  • see your list of online company files in AccountRight
  • access your details on the my.MYOB website
  • use online services, like bank feeds or Pay Super.

If you have forgotten your MYOB account password, click Forgotten your password? and follow the prompts to reset it.

Click Forgotten your password

If there's been too many unsuccessful login attempts, your MYOB account will be locked. You'll also receive an email advising how to unlock your account.

Signing in to an unsupported online version

Signing in to an unsupported online version

To work online with AccountRight you need to be using the latest version. If you haven't signed in for a while, you might not be able to sign in unless you update to the latest AccountRight version.

(Australia only) Are you having trouble signing in with two-factor authentication? See Getting help with two-factor authentication.

If you recently created or upgraded the file, the password might be blank.

Still can't sign in?

Give us a call and we'll lend a hand. In Australia call 1300 555 123, or from New Zealand call 0508 328 283.