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Australia only

Once all the data is entered into the tax return, follow the workflow below to complete and lodge the return.

Tax return workflow

Tax returns and activity statements are grouped by different statuses:




Not started

Tax returns/Activity statement that has been created but you haven't started working on it.


This status only applies to a non-lodgable BAS (it's locked so you can't edit it). You don't need to lodge these forms unless you're varying the ATO calculated instalments.

In progress

You're working on the activity statement or tax return.

In review

Your work is being reviewed, either by a manager or a partner. When finished, approve the form to update the status to Ready for client review.

Ready for client review

A manager or partner has approved the form. It's now locked and ready to send to the client.

Pending client signature

You've asked the client to review and digitally or physically sign the form, and are waiting for them to approve it.
Rejected by clientThe client rejected the form. Click the link to find out more in the client task details.
Ready to lodgeThe client signed and approved the form, and it's ready to lodge.
Processing lodgmentYou've lodged the form to the ATO and we're waiting for a response. No action required.
RejectedThe ATO rejected the form. Check the rejection code and fix the data. Re-validate and lodge the form.
Failed to loadThe ATO pre-fill failed and we can’t load the form.
LodgedSuccessfully lodged to the ATO.