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  • To change your reward preferences (#expand-Tochangeyourrewardpreferences)

You have a selection of MYOB products to choose from when you create new businesses or upgrade an AccountRight classic file.

The pricing on these product catalogue pages is based on your region and whether your practice is paying for the MYOB product or your client is. If your practice is paying for the product, wholesale prices apply.

You're also able to trial a selected product for a month.

To set up a payment profile
  1. Click Settings in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Payment profile.
    The My practice will pay for my client's product page displays.
  3. Select the appropriate Payment profile from the drop-down.
  4. Read and then accept the terms and conditions.

    If you have any queries or the option you want is not available, contact your partner manager.

  5. Click Save changes.
To change your reward preferences

You can change how you'd like to receive your reward or whether you'd like to pass the reward on as a discount to your clients.

  • Only a primary or billing contact can edit the payment preferences.
  • If you're an MYOB partner and your practice is paying for an existing client file subscription, but you want to change this so that your client pays for the subscription, log a support case via MYOB Practice, or contact us.

  1. Log on to

  2. Select your practice from the client drop down.

  3. From the My Account menu, select Edit Partner Payment Preferences.

  4. Under Update my Business, Reward preference section, select Passed on as a discount to my client.

  5. Click Update Details.

Next time you create a file, you'll be able to choose who will pay the subscription. If you choose My Client – the cost of the software you refer to your client will show the relevant discount based on your Partner Program Tier.

How and when will I receive my reward

Depending on your selection, your reward will be credited to your bank account or your MYOB account (if you're on approved payment terms with MYOB). Your reward will be paid monthly, at least.

For subscription products, the reward will be paid for the first 5 years of the client's subscription. If you've chosen to pass your reward on as a discount to a client, they'll receive the discount for the first 5 years of the subscription.