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You can add a customer from 3 places in MYOB Essentials:

  • Click Create contact from the Contacts menu.

    Contacts menu with create contact highlighted

  • Click Create contact on the Contacts page.

    Create contact button highlighted on contacts page

  • Click Add customer from the Customer dropdown list when entering an invoice.

However you access the Contact page, you'll be able to record the customer's details using as much or as little details as you like. The only required information is the type of contact (a business or an individual), and their name. For more information about the information you can store for a contact, see Viewing and entering contact information.

Importing customers

If you’ve previously used MYOB BusinessBasics or MYOB AccountRight, you can export customers from your company file and import them into MYOB Essentials.

For more information, see Import/Export.

Customers with an opening credit balance

If you're adding a customer who has a credit balance, create the customer as described above then create a customer return to record their credit balance. When creating the return you'll need to enter the Allocate to account.

This account will be specific to your business, so check with your accounting advisor if unsure.