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Create contacts

The Contacts area of MYOB Essentials is where you keep track of your customers, suppliers and other contacts. By adding someone as a contact, you’ll be able to store and view information about them, and track and analyse their transaction history.   

You need to create a contact if you want to:

  • create invoices and keep track of how much customers owe you
  • create bills and keep track of how much you owe suppliers
  • record a contact’s name, address or other details.

The Contacts page will show you a list of your contacts and let you create new customers and suppliers. You can label contacts as suppliers or customers or add plenty of other details.

If you have your contacts in another program, speed things up by importing them into MYOB Essentials.

Once you've created a contact, you can assign them to transactions like invoices or bills. You'll also be able to quickly add a new contact during a transaction if necessary. 

New contact record in Essentials

Manage contacts

As your business changes and grows, your contacts list will change and grow with it. That's why MYOB Essentials gives you plenty of options to manage your contacts once you've created them. 

Has your customer changed address? Edit their details at any time. Created a supplier that you never ended up using? Delete their information entirely. No longer deal with a supplier but still need their info for reference? Mark them as inactive so they won't show up on your reports. 

If you already have contacts from a company file in MYOB BusinessBasics or MYOB AccountRight, you can import them straight into MYOB Essentials.

Do you use payroll? Learn how to set up your employees.

Sort contacts

It can be difficult to find a contact in the middle of a long list, so we've provided you with some tools to help you look

If you have a specific contact in mind, you can simply search for them using the search box at the top of the contacts list.

To display only certain types on contacts, such as just customers or suppliers, you can apply a filter to help narrow down your list. 

If the default view isn't for you, the contacts list can also be sorted to your liking by clicking any of the column headings provided. 

Contacts page with contact type dropdown list displayed

Reports page listing Essentials reports

Analyse contacts

You might want to take a closer look at your contacts and see details like how much you owe them or whether they've been paying you on time. You can do this by using the many different reports available in MYOB Essentials. 

Reports are organised into five different categories: business, banking, payroll, sales and bills. Choose the type you need and generate one whenever you like.