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If you've created a customer return which needs changing, here's how to do it.

Need to delete a return? See Deleting customer returns.


To edit a customer return

To edit a customer return

You can double-click returns to open them for editing via the Invoices page.

  1. From the Sales menu, click Invoices.
  2. In the invoices list, display customer returns and credits by filtering the list by Returns.
    Invoices pages with Returns filter highlighted
  3. Click the return you want to edit. The Edit customer return page appears, showing the return details.
  4. Make any changes to the return.
  5. To:
    • save the changes without sending a copy to the customer, click Save. The Invoices page reappears.
    • save the changes and email a copy to the customer, click Email to customer. In the window that appears, complete the fields and click Email to customer.
    • save changes and print the return, click Print. For more information, see Emailing, previewing and printing customer returns.

Need to change a customer's details?

See Editing customer details. After updating their details, to see the changes reflected on an existing return, such as an updated address, open the return and click Save. The updated details will now show.