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The Import Items feature allows you to import inventory and stock items, or lists of services, into MYOB Essentials. Items that already exist in MYOB Essentials will not be imported.

Before you start

Before you import your item information, make sure:

Sample import files

For the easiest import, work with a Sample file. These files have every heading needed for an import - all you need to do is add the item information!

Sample files

Sample files

The sample files below simplify the import process. You can open the downloaded file in any text editor or spreadsheet software like Excel (recommended) - but be careful not to overwrite the column headings.

Note that these files contain some sample data, and while you don't need to complete all the fields for a successful import, make sure not to delete any unused field headers or columns.

To download a sample file

Right-click on a link below and choose Save link as or Save target as, then choose where to download the file.

To open a sample file in Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and go to File > Open.
  2. In the Files of type field, select All Files(*.*) and then locate and open the downloaded sample file.
  3. When the Text Import Wizard appears, click Finish. The file contents will be displayed and you can now edit the cells as required.

When you finish editing, you must click Yes to the message to save it as Text and continue using this format. This will ensure you'll be able to import the file into MYOB Essentials.


OK, let's step you through the import process.


To import items into MYOB Essentials

To import items into MYOB Essentials

  1. In MYOB Essentials, click your business name and choose Import/Export data. The Import/export data page appears.
  2. Click the Items option.
  3. Click Browse. The File Upload window appears.
  4. Select the file containing the items you want to import, then click Open.
  5. Click Import. The Item Code Mapping window appears.
  6. Fill any fields that have not imported including buying price, account numbers and tax codes.
  7. When you have allocated tax codes, accounts and a buying price to each of the items, click Save. A window appears, displaying the number of items that were successfully imported.
  8. Click OK.

Getting a "file format is not valid" message?

Check that the items you're importing aren't already in MYOB Essentials. Also, use the sample file provided above to ensure the import file is the correct format.

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