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  • Preparing to import from MYOB AccountRight v19 or earlier, BusinessBasics or AccountEdge




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Importing from a later version of AccountRight, or from other software? This information is for importing from AccountRight v19 or earlier, BusinessBasics or AccountEdge. If you're importing from a later version of AccountRight, or if you're importing from different software, follow the instructions at Preparing to import data from other sources.

If you use MYOB AccountRight v19 or earlier, BusinessBasics or AccountEdge, you will need to first export the contacts (customer cards or supplier cards) or items from your company file. To do this, use the Export Data feature, accessed from the File menu. In the export assistant that appears, make the following selections:

  • In the first step of the export, make sure that you don’t change the default options.

    Make sure this field…Has this selected…
    Export File formatTab-delimited
    First Record isHeader Record
  • In the second step, make sure you export all the fields by clicking the Match All button.

You cannot export all your data at once

You’ll need to perform separate exports for customer cards, supplier cards and items.

Your data will be saved in a text file, which you can then import into MYOB Essentials. See Importing contacts into MYOB Essentials, Importing items into MYOB Essentials or Importing an accounts list.

Thinking of switching to MYOB Essentials from another program? Check out our migration services (Australia | New Zealand).