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Australia only

SuperStream is a government initiative to simplify your superannuation obligations by making it mandatory to provide contribution data and make super payments electronically.

All businesses are required to be SuperStream compliant.

For all the details on SuperStream, see the ATO website.

Quick and easy compliance with MYOB's super portal

MYOB Essentials makes it easy to comply with SuperStream requirements. Your subscription gives you access to MYOB's super portal, an online, SuperStream-certified service that allows you to make compliant super payments.

You'll create a file in MYOB Essentials and upload it to the portal, where you'll be able to pay and report all your super contributions. Learn more about using and maintaining the MYOB super portal.

Get started paying super

1. Get ready

Before you can start paying super through MYOB's super portal, you need to update some details to meet SuperStream requirements. See Set up Pay superannuation.

2. Pay super

Once that's done, you'll be able to use the Pay superannuation page to create a contribution file that you can download and submit to MYOB's super portal. See Paying super.

Need help with the Super Portal?

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