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The Payroll area is where you pay your employees and keep track of their payroll information and other details. If you subscribe to MYOB Essentials with payroll, you can pay as many employees as you like. Otherwise, you can pay one employee (or yourself).

Before you can start doing pay runs, there are a few setup tasks you need to do:

  1. Choose your payroll settings. Decide which bank account you'll use to pay wages and select what information will be shown on payslips. See Set up payroll.
  2. Set up employees. Create a record for each of your employees and enter their personal, tax and pay information. Doing this correctly is important to ensure that PAYE and KiwiSaver (New Zealand) is calculated correctly. See Adding an employee.

Example employee record

Pay your team

When you've completed the payroll setup and entered your employees' information, you can start doing pay runs. The Pay centre is the place you set up and manage this.

When you're ready to pay your employees, you'll do a pay run. MYOB Essentials lets you fine tune for other details, such as entering leavesplitting pay between accounts or earnings or deductions like overtime or commission. 

Other available features include the ability to view individual employee pay history and options for managing their leave balances

Review payroll

After you've paid your employees, you can use MYOB Essentials to review your payroll with reports and past payslips. Keep track of how much you're paying your employees and how much you need to pay to the IRD with the different reports available. You can also re-print payslips from previous pay runs.

See Payroll reports and past payslips.

Past pay runs page


Using MYOB Essentials, you can keep track of how much KiwiSaver you need to pay. After you've set up your employees, these amounts are calculated for you. 

Set up KiwiSaver to track your contributions for your employees. You can customise their contribution rate, KiwiSaver active status and the Employer Superannuation Contributions Tax (ESCT) rate for each employee. 

Payroll reporting

To help with your PAYE obligations with the IRD, you can download the reports you need from MYOB Essentials. These reports can be used to lodge your monthy IRD returns online using the IRD's ir-File web portal.

Payday filing is mandatory for many employers, and MYOB Essentials has you covered. Learn about setting up payday filing.