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New Zealand only 

Payday filing

From 1 April 2019, employers must report employee info to the IRD every payday instead of monthly.

Take a look at this payday filing overview and learn how you can get set up.

MYOB Essentials’ IRD monthly returns report is listed in the Payroll reports section of the Reports page.

This is where you download the reports you need to lodge with the IRD each month. Once you've downloaded your reports, you can lodge them online through the IRD's ir-File web portal.

Note that different sized businesses have different due dates for these forms. See the IRD website for more information.

On this page, you can download:

  • Employer deductions (IR 345) Records the total amounts deducted from your employees’ pay. Learn more on the IRD website.
  • Employer monthly schedule (IR 348) Records details of each employee’s deductions. Learn more on the IRD website.

You might also need to submit:

  • KiwiSaver employee details (KS1) Allows you to enrol new employees in KiwiSaver, and allows existing employees to opt-in to KiwiSaver. 
    This form isn't included in the download file. Instead, you need to download a PDF version of this form, complete it and send it to the IRD.

Download the reports

In the Choose a period section, choose the month you want to produce the reports for. You can preview each of the reports using the Preview buttons.

To download the reports, click Download. The reports will be in downloaded as a single .zip file.

You'll need to unzip the two .csv files and upload each file independently to IRD. To do this, right-click the downloaded zip file and choose Open. Unzip and save the files to your computer and then you can upload them directly to the IRD's ir-File web portal.

Need to file a nil return?

For MYOB Essentials to download a nil return, you'll need to process a zero pay for at least one employee for that month. To enter a zero pay, process a normal pay run and clear all hours and amounts from the pay to ensure all totals are zero.

example zero pay