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You can print a list of the invoices displayed in your invoices list by printing the Customer Invoices report from the Reports page.

For information about and other invoice and customer reports, see Sales reports.

To print your invoices list

To print your invoices list

  1. In the menu bar at the top of the page, click Reports and choose All reports. The Reports page appears.
  2. In the Sales section, click Customer Invoices. The Customer invoices report page appears.
  3. Select the filters you require for the report. You can choose to create a report for all customers or an individual customer, for a particular sales status, range of invoice numbers or dates, and range of amounts.
  4. Click Generate Report. The report appears in a new tab.
    Getting an error when running reports? Try using a different web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Print the report using your web browser. Depending on your software, you might be able to print by going to the File menu and choosing Print, or by clicking the print icon that appears when you hover over the document.