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The Invoices page shows you a list of all the invoices and returns you've entered in MYOB Essentials. You can create an invoice or return from this page, print invoices you've already entered, and much more.

What is an invoice? Watch this overview to find out:

Looking for your quotes? Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes. Learn more about quotes

On the Invoices page you can:

Using Essentials Accounting Starter?

If you subscribe to Essentials Accounting Starter, you have a monthly limit of 5 invoices. You can keep track of how many invoices you have at the top of the Invoices page.

If you reach your invoice limit and find yourself needing more, you can upgrade your subscription by clicking Need more? to bring up the upgrade popup window.

Click Upgrade now to be taken to the Subscription details page, where you can change your Essentials subscription.


What does the eyeball icon mean in the status column?

What does the eyeball icon mean in the status column?

If you've emailed an invoice to a customer and they've clicked View invoice in their email, the eyeball icon will show in the Status column for that invoice.

eyeball icon highlighted in status column 

This is a quick way for you to see which emailed invoices have been viewed.