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Australia only 

There's a growing list of Australian businesses that need to produce the Taxable payments annual report at the end of each financial year and submit it to the ATO. To check if your business needs to report, visit the ATO website.

The Taxable payments annual report declares all of the payments you've made to applicable suppliers throughout the financial year.

Before you begin

To be able to produce the taxable payments report:


Let's take you through how to produce the report and create an electronic version that you can lodge online with the ATO.


1. Display the taxable payments report

1. Display the taxable payments report

  1. Go to the Reports menu and choose All reports.
  2. Click the Taxable payments annual report. If this report isn't listed, make sure you've set up MYOB Essentials for producing this report.
    The report appears in your browser.
  3. Choose the Report period.

Now you need to check that the information included on this report is correct. See the next task for details.

2. Check the report information

2. Check the report information

The Taxable payments annual report displays all reportable transactions over the chosen report period, organised by supplier, along with the total amount of reportable transactions for each supplier.

To remove a transaction from this report, click on it to open the transaction page and deselect the Reportable option, then click Save.

To remove a supplier from the report, click the supplier’s name to open their supplier record and deselect the Reportable option.

You can include additional payments on this report by opening the payment transaction page and choosing the Reportable option. You can also add all the payments made to a supplier by selecting the Reportable option on the Contacts page.

For more information about reportable payments, see Reportable contractor payments.

When you’re satisfied that the report includes all of the required transactions, click Next.

3. Create an electronic file for online lodgement

3. Create an electronic file for online lodgement

  1. Choose whether you lodge your own Taxable payments annual report with the ATO or whether you use a third party (for example, your accountant or bookkeeper) to lodge the report for you.
  2. Enter your business details, including your business’s address, your APN and the contact details of the person at your company lodging the report.
    If you are using a third party to lodge the Taxable payments annual report, enter this information for them, as well.
  3. Click Create TPAR file. This creates an electronic file that you can save to your computer’s hard drive. If prompted, make sure to take note of where you save this file.
    Use this file to lodge your report electronically through the ATO’s online portal. For more information on lodging electronically, see the ATO website.

Don't open the TPAR file

The TPAR file format is unique and only intended for uploading to the ATO. This file cannot be opened for viewing or editing.

Need to lodge an amended TPAR? You can't generate a TPAR amendment file in MYOB Essentials. Instead, make whatever changes are necessary in MYOB Essentials to correct your figures, then check the ATO's details on how to lodge your amendment.