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You can use MYOB Essentials to set and monitor a sales target.

At the bottom right of the Dashboard, a graph shows the total value of the sales you’ve made in the current month, as a proportion of a total sales target that you can set. Once you’ve set a sales target, it will be used for all future months until you change it again.

Essentials sales target graph

To set your sales target, click the pencil next to the existing sales target figure. Type your new sales target and click the tick next to the field. The graph is updated, and your sales for the month are shown as a proportion of the new sales target.

Review your previous sales to set a target

Unless you've just started trading, your past sales performance can guide you on setting a target.You can review your sales performance by:

  • viewing your sales history. Go to the Sales page > Sales history. This shows you can view the sales and payments for a customer over any period.

  • running sales reports, such as the Customer Invoices report, which displays a list of invoices for a selected period.

Strategies for increasing your sales

  1. Choose professional-looking invoice templates and customise the look of your invoices.

  2. Offer free shipping. Indicate this in the Note field in the invoice, so the customer can see that they're getting free shipping when they scan the invoice.

    Essentials free shipping in note

  3. Make it easy for your customers to pay you online.

  4. Issue quotes and follow them up to convert them to sales. Learn how to issue a quote and turn it into an invoice.

More tips to increase your sales

The MYOB Blog is a great source of ideas on how to grow your sales. Check out articles such as: