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Get started

The Dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you sign up with MYOB Essentials, and each time you subsequently log in. It provides a simple, easy to read, graphical snapshot of your business as it stands today.

If you need to update the credit card details you use to pay your MYOB Essentials subscription, you can do this by clicking your business name and choosing Update payment details.

For more information about setting up MYOB Essentials, see Basic setup.

We're always looking to improve the Dashboard. If you've got an idea on what you'd like to see in it, visit the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange and add an idea or vote on an existing one.

Set up bank feeds

Click the Set up bank feeds button on the Dashboard to begin setting up bank feeds for your bank accounts. Bank feeds allow you to automatically import bank transactions directly from your bank into MYOB Essentials, saving you time and ensuring the accuracy of your data.

For more information about how bank feeds can help you manage your business, see Bank feeds.

Money in & money out

This section of the Dashboard gives you a detailed snapshot of where your business currently sits, by showing you how much money is coming in and how much is going out of your business. You can click on the links under some of these totals to go to the page in MYOB Essentials that contains more details.

Money in

The Money in section gives you an overview of the money you expect to receive, and if any invoices are overdue.

(Australia only) You'll see the value of the expected GST refund you’ll receive from the ATO based on your current transactions. 

Money out

The Money out section gives you an overview of the money you expect to spend. It shows how much you owe to suppliers and how much PAYG and super (Australia) or PAYE and KiwiSaver (New Zealand) you currently owe. 

(Australia only) You'll see how much GST you owe to the ATO based on your transactions for the current period. 

To get more detailed information about the money flowing in out of your business, see the reports available in MYOB Essentials.

Dashboard showing money in and out

Dashboard showing banking summary


The Banking section gives you an overview of how much money is currently in your business, broken down between bank accounts, credit cards and unallocated transactions.

You can see the total of your bank accounts and credit cards right away, or click the arrows to see how much you have in each account or card. 

If you've imported any transactions into MYOB Essentials (either using bank feeds or by importing a bank transaction) and haven't allocated or matched them yet, they'll show here as well.

You'll also find the Set up bank feeds button here if you haven't set them up yet. Once a bank feed is set up, you'll also see the balance that the bank sends through as at the date the last bank feed was received. 


The Dashboard shows two graphs that help you keep track of your sales, by showing you both how much you're currently owed and how close you are to reaching this month's sales target. 

Invoices owed to me

This graph shows you the proportion and total value of your invoices, broken down by when they were due. It is also called an ‘Aged Debtors’ graph.

Invoices are categorised as follows, depending on the due date of the invoice:

  • Current invoices—invoices that are not overdue
  • 1-30 days overdue
  • 31-60 days overdue
  • 61+ days overdue

Sales target

This graph shows the total value of the sales you’ve made in the current month, as a proportion of a total sales target that you can set. Once you’ve set a sales target, it will be used for all future months until you change it again.

To set your sales target, click the pencil next to the existing sales target figure. Type your new sales target and click the tick next to the field. The graph is updated, and your sales for the month are shown as a proportion of the new sales target.

Dashboard showing summary of invoices owed

Dashboard showing sales target for the month