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The Sales settings page, located by clicking your business name, gives you a number of customisable options for your business's invoices, quotes and statements, payment terms, emails and How to pay details.

From Sales settings, you can customise the appearance of your invoices, quotes and statements by choosing a pre-designed template and selecting the colours you want to use. The layout you choose for your invoices and quotes will automatically be used for all invoices you print and send to your customers until you decide to change it.

You can sign up for online payments (Australia only), or access your Merchant Portal to edit your online payment details.

You can also enter the details of how your customers can pay you. This information will be included in the How to pay section of your invoices.

And if you email invoices, sales orders, quotes or statements to your customers, you can change the default content of the email you send.

If you need to edit the customer's email address or other details, see Editing customer details.

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