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You can add and update self-managed super funds from the Employer Details page.

  1. Click the navigation button and select Maintain Users.
  2. Click Employer Maintenance.

  3. Click Search and in the list that appears, click the employer you want to view (there most likely will only be one).

    If the Show all employers option is selected in your User Preferences (go to the Preferences view of the User Maintenance page), the employer name will automatically appear here. See Add users.

  4. Click the Manage Funds link at the top of the page.

  5. Go to the Manage SMSFs section.

    If you need to:

    1. add an SMSF fund: Click Add SMSF and enter the fund’s ABN, ESA and bank account details.

      manage smsfs section with empty fields 

      What's the ESA?

      The trustee of the SMSF will need to register with an SMSF messaging provider to obtain an Electronic Service Address (ESA). This is a quick process and only needs to be done once. The ATO has a list of messaging providers to register with. 

      Note: You can only submit contributions to the SMSF once it has been verified as compliant. If the fund is taking a while to be verified, try deleting the fund then adding it again.

      The first time you make a payment for a particular SMSF that isn't already set up in the super portal, you’ll be prompted to enter the fund’s details, such as the ABN and ESA. That fund will then appear in the Manage SMSFs list. 

    2. edit the name of an SMSF fund you've already set up, click the edit icon. If you need to edit any other details you'll need to delete the fund and create a new one with the correct details.
    3. delete an SMSF fund, click the delete icon.
  6. Click Save (or Update if you're editing the fund).