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Ready to submit some super contributions? You'll need to sign up first, but you'll only need to do this once (unless you have files for more than one business).

Using AccountRight or AccountEdge? Ensure you're using AccountRight v19.11 (or later) or AccountEdge v14.5 (or later). See which MYOB software is compatible.

You must be the business owner (or one of the company directors) and a signatory to the business bank account.

  1. If you're using Classic AccountRight (v19) or AccountEdge, click the Pay Superannuation button in the Payroll command centre and then click Sign up.
    If you're using MYOB Essentials, go to the Pay Superannuation page and click Sign up.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Sign in to an MYOB account:
    1. If you already have an MYOB account, sign in with the email address you use for your account and the password. You'll have an account if you've logged into, the MYOB Community Forum, have registered your software online, or use MYOB Essentials.
    2. If you don't have an MYOB account, you can create one now. Note that the password you enter here will be used for the MYOB account, not for access to the super portal. We'll send you a temporary password after signing up that you'll need to use the first time you log in to the super portal. Also note that this account won't give you access to

  4. Complete and submit your signup details, including name, address, and bank details.

    Ensure that you enter your bank account details correctly. Check the BSB and account number, and make sure that you're entering details of the account you want super contributions to be paid out of.

    Note that if you change the contact details during registration, those changes won't be reflected in your my.MYOB account. They will only apply to the super portal.

What happens next

Now we just need to verify your bank account details. When your signup application is complete, we'll deposit 1c into the bank account you specify during signup. You'll see it in your bank account within 12 hours if you're a Commonwealth Bank customer (unless you register on a weekend or public holiday), and within 48 hours for other institutions.

Once you receive your 1c deposit:

  1. Go to the Pay Superannuation window in your software and click Sign up again. You'll be prompted to enter the MYOB account details you used when signing up for the portal.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. Now enter the 6 digit code that was included with the 1c deposit. Ensure that you enter it accurately.
    If you enter it incorrectly 6 times, your portal access will be locked, and you'll need to contact MYOB on 1300 555 123 to have it unlocked.

Once your code is accepted, your signup is complete. We'll now email you a temporary password to use the first time you log into the super portal (this could take a couple of hours). We'll also notify the primary MYOB account holder to let them know a signup has been completed.

Need help with the Super Portal?

If you have any questions call us on 1300 555 123 or email



What if the person signing up leaves the business before verifying the bank account?

The person who starts the signup process will need to log in again using their MYOB account details in order to verify the bank account. If the person who started the signup has now left the business, you'll need to call MYOB on 1300 555 123. The signup will be cancelled and you'll need to sign up again.

My bank statement shows a 5 digit code, not 6.

Some banks may not display the code correctly on the bank statement. If the verification code that appears on your bank statement is not a 6-digit code, you'll need to call MYOB on 1300 555 123 to resolve the issue.

I haven't received the 1c deposit.

If the 1c deposit hasn't appeared after 2 business days, there might have been a problem with the account details you've given us. To check this, go to the Pay Superannuation window in your software and click Sign up again.

  • If you're redirected to the bank details section, it could be that the bank details you submitted are invalid and you need to re-enter them. If the bank details are correct, contact your bank to find out why it was rejected.
  • If instead you're prompted to enter a verification code, it's possible that the bank account details you submitted are valid, but they are for a different account. To change your account details, contact us on 1300 555 123.
How do I change my bank account details?

To change your bank account details after you've signed up, complete the change request form and return it to We'll make the changes and let you know when it's done.