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You can view the details of contribution files that have been uploaded to the super portal using the Historic contributions page. If you're looking for the status of payments submitted to super funds, use the payment reporting feature.

To view contribution history
  1. Click the navigation button and select Contributions.
     Navigation button clicked revealing options
  2. The page lists the contribution files that have been uploaded, who uploaded them and the number of employee contributions that were included in the file.

    If you’ve uploaded lots of files, you can use the filters at the top of the page to see just those of a particular status, for example ‘Failed’, or for a particular period. You won’t need to use the Employer filter unless there are multiple employers set up in your portal.

  3. The Status column shows the processing stage of the information submitted:


    PaidFunds have been paid to clearing house

    Partially paid
    Payments are outstanding

    UnderpaidThe payment was underpaid

    OverpaidThe payment was overpaid

    CancelledThe payment was cancelled

    DishonouredThe payment was dishonoured

    Partially sentSome data and payment have been sent to the fund

    SentPayment and data have been sent to the fund

    Error payingThere has been an error paying to the fund
  4. If the Issues column shows there are problems with the information you've submitted:
    1. Click the grid icon in the Actions column.
    2. For each employee that's listed, click into the sections that indicate an error exists. 
    3. Click in the fields that have a red border to see a description of the issue with the information.
    4. Fix all the issues and then click Next
    5. In the Review step, fix any other issues that are identified (look for the alert icon ), and then click Next. 
    6. You can now save or submit the contributions.