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If your customers will be visiting your business, you can let them know where you're located by our Find Us feature. This allows you to display your business location using Google Maps on your website. Visitors to your website can view a larger copy of that map using the zoom function, and can use Google Maps to get directions to make their way to your business.


Adding your location in a Google Map

If you didn't enter your Find us address when you first set up your site, here's how to add it:

  1. Click Add your location in the Find us section on the right of your homepage.
  2. On the Find us page, complete the following fields:

    • Find us title: this is the title that will display on your website. By default, this is Find us, but you can change it to suit your business (for example, Our location or Visit our store).

    • Address: this is the physical address of your business, so please fill in all of the fields for your country. We don’t recommend using a PO Box in these address fields as Google Maps is unable to verify those types of addresses.

  3. When you're finished, click Save.
Editing the location in your Google Map

You edit your Google Map using the Find us section of your website. To edit your existing Find us address, click Edit settings at the bottom of the Find us section.

Your current address info is displayed, which you can edit as required. When you've made your changes, click Save.


Why can't I use a PO Box address as my Find us address?

We suggest you don't enter a PO Box address on the Find us page because they can't be verified by Google Maps and it may not display correctly. However, you can enter your PO Box address in the Contact information section. For more information, see Publishing your business and contact information.

Can I hide the 'Find us' section and Google Map from visitors?

Yes, you can set the Content visibility settings for this feature so that the Find us section and your Google Map are hidden from your website. For more information, see Setting visibility options for your website content.

Why is Google Map showing the wrong location?

If you've entered your location details and Google Map is showing the wrong location, check the following:

  • Make sure the correct address has been entered as described above.
  • Make sure the Street Address field doesn't contain suburb, city, state or postcode details.

If you've checked these things and Google Map is still showing the wrong location, it might be a Google issue. See this Google help article for details about reporting an error on the map.