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  • Selecting an MYOB Atlas plan




When you join MYOB Atlas, you'll be signed up to the Atlas Premier plan automatically, so you can try out the maximum number of features available. When you renew your plan, you can continue on Atlas Premier or, if you want, switch to another plan. Note that you can change to a different plan at any time.


Selecting an MYOB Atlas plan
  1. Click My account in the Settings toolbar.
  2. In the Your plan section of the My account page, you can click View available plans to compare the features of each plan.
  3. Then, click Change plan. You'll be redirected to my.MYOB, where you'll complete the process.

  4. Enter your MYOB Account details and log into my.MYOB (if you're already logged in, you won't see this window).

    For more information about MYOB Accounts and my.MYOB, see About MYOB Accounts and my.MYOB.

  5. Once you're logged into my.MYOB, you'll see the Atlas plan selector. Follow the prompts to select a plan and enter your payment details.


When will my new plan take effect?

If you upgrade, your new plan will take effect immediately. If you downgrade, your new plan will take effect at the end of the month.

What if I don't want to renew my website?

If you don't want to renew your website, you have two options: you can either move to the Atlas Business Card plan (if you don't choose a plan, this will happen automatically) or you can cancel your website. For more information, see Cancelling your MYOB Atlas website.